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Data analysis services suited for your business

Data usage strategy

We will not only conduct full data audit for your company but also prepare solutions and present implementation strategy. This allows your business to benefit from the collected data as much is possible.

Data science consulting and problem solving

If your company faces one of many problems that can be solved using statistical methods we will help you and your company by giving the best possible solution.

Data audit

We can determine what you can do with the data that your business produces every single day. You will get a detailed report with diagnosed problems and recommendations of solutions.


Training enables acquiring skills for solving real problems. In an easy way, they allow acquisition of complete knowledge about tools of statistical analysis, data mining and data visualisation in R package.

Examples of problems we can solve

Product sorting

By using advanced methods we can improve results of your company. Small changes in sorting algorithms can result in 70% increase of gain in e-commerce and others search/catalog-based businesses.

Diagnostic algorithms

Our experience with medical data analysis can be used in creation of different types of diagnostics algorithms. By using artificial intelligence we can predict not only when a disease will occur, but also when equipment (not only medical) will fail.

Automatic reporting

Multiple sources of data can cause a lot of trouble. Creating report manually can be sometimes can be extremely time-consuming. We can create an application which will automate the process of creating summary reports for your company.

Churn problem

When your customers leave without any apparent reason we can help you determine which factors cause client’s churn. Those methods can be used not only in e-commerce but also computer games or any business based on individual clients.

Predictive modelling

Every business collects a lot of data, which has a lot of potential, but not always that potential is used to improve business performance. We can use your data in order to predict revenue, customer satisfaction, machine failure rates or other indexes important to you and your business.

Data analysis

Knowledge about dependencies in data can be obtained by usage of the data analysis. Such analysis provides solutions that later can benefit in costs reduction or increment of a quality of offered products or services. It indicates actions, that strengthen a position of your company on the market.

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Professional data science

We are a team set to cooperation. Development is important not only for our clients but also for us. We are not afraid of using new solutions and going off the beaten track.

Constant contact with specialists working in various fields and a wide range of interests let us understand needs of extremely diverse sectors of the market.

Feel free to contact us – we will do our best to help you.


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